pistachio & pickle delicatessen

pistachio&pickle serves a great monmouth coffee, servies delicious pastries, cakes & cronuts, a Toast menu with delicious toppings, a selection of english and mediterranean-inspired sandwiches, cheese toasties, soups and healthy seasonal salads.  

Pistachio & Pickle is heart of the Islington community, come and meet the locals and their dogs.  

pistachio & pickle coffee bar
pistachio & pickle coffee bar


breakfast menu

served till 1pm everyday




Choose the following base for your breakfast:

Toasted brioche or waffle


Ricotta, honey & mixed nuts & dried fruit


Banana, nut butter, & fresh fruit






Choose the following base for your breakfast:

Toasted sourdough, rye or gluten-free


Crushed avocado, spinach, seeds & feta (v)


Tomato & garlic, grilled halloumi & rocket (v)


Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill with hard-boiled egg


Houmous, Mediterranean vegetables, harissa oil & toasted seeds (vg)


Goats cheese, spinach, beetroot houmous, & pickles (v)


Chipolata, smoked streaky, hard-boiled, egg,

 tomato & spinach




Quinoa, hard-boiled egg, avocado, & grilled halloumi (v)


Soft Boiled egg & Soldiers 

Toast & Jam


Quinoa & FlaxPorridge 







breakfast & lunch sandwiches available at the counter