pistachio & pickle delicatessen
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Pistachio & Pickle serves a great monmouth coffee, serves delicious pastrie & cakes, a Toast menu with delicious toppings, a selection of english and mediterranean-inspired sandwiches, cheese toasties, soups and healthy seasonal salads.  

Pistachio & Pickle is heart of the Islington community, come and meet the locals and their dogs. 

pistachio & pickle coffee bar
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pistachio & pickle coffee bar


breakfast menu

served till 1pm everyday


Crushed avocado on toast (v) 

Half a ripe avocado crushed on 1 slice of organic, sourdough toast


Tomato & garlic, grilled halloumi (v)

Sourdough toast rubbed with garlic & fresh tomato, with grilled halloumi


Scrambled eggs on toast (v) 

2 free range eggs, scrambled on buttered, sourdough toast


Homemade baked beans on toast (v) 

Homemade, smoky paprika beans on buttered, sourdough toast


Mushrooms on toast (v) 

Grilled, field mushrooms, on buttered, sourdough toast


Soft Boiled egg & Soldiers (v) 

2 free range eggs, with buttered, sourdough toast soldiers



Quoats© British porridge oats, flax & quinoa


Vegan, Non-Dairy, Gluten Free & ‘Take-Away’ options are available;

please ask